domingo, 25 de novembro de 2007

No Frontiers.

I cannot understand why people say "It doesn't matter what happens, I'll always love you". It's not true! If you go out of line, they will surely throw you away, like shit. That's the reality. When I say it doesn't matter what happens, I say it like an essencial truth. Because I think it's the right way to do. Telling the truth.
I don't know the reason that drives me crazy with these little things, but I wish this kind of fake-lie didn't exist. I have suffered of this many times, I know exactly how it is, and it hurts a lot. One day, I'll find out why people lie so normally.

Anyways, I'm chatting at the messenger, right now, with a plenty of nerds/geeks about the championship of ragnarök. I suck at this, but Rapha thinks I'll be ok. So, I'll try to play like a true nerd, saying lol and this sort of thing. By the way, I'm reinstalling it, beacause I did something with the game, which doesn't want to open any longer. I deserve, yeah.

Well, well, well; I think I'll go to sleep. In fact, I'm not sleepy. But I need to get up very early tomorrow and go to school and have two difficult tests (ok, that's the second time I talk about this here, but I'm very nervous, hunph!).

And Sherlock Holmes rocks!

If life is a river and your heart is a boat
And just like a water baby, baby, born to float,
And if life is a wild wind that blows way on high,
And your heart is Amelia dying to fly,
Heaven knows no frontiers and I've seen heaven in your

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